Monday, September 14, 2009

This and That

I DID NOT know that lizards and rats can jump! Although I don't mind knowing the former-we sit and watch them jump from rock to rock, I was shocked by the latter. A large rat ran into the road in front of our car, stopped, jumped up and turned around at the same time, and ran off.

We have 2 screech owls living in the jungle next to us--Jim loves to fool 'em by making squeaky mouse sounds so they are circling our porch--one swooped right over his head. He also has a pair of hawks who visit every evening--he tries to fool them also!

I drove to my friend's house the other day to get my computer fixed. When I left, all three friends came out to watch me start the car and drive away--I told Charmeine I was going to teach her to drive--she just laughed! She is going to go visiting with me on Wednesday--guess she trusts me at last!

My new favorite place to visit is the library. It's in an old building on the lagoon road (carnage) and I sit in the very large window overlooking the lagoon--small fishing boats come in, a guy blows on a conch shell to let people know they have fresh jackfish, and people come with sacks to cart off these little fish. The wind is usually whipping briskly so it's the coolest place to be. I'm reading Grenadian History in my window and thanking God for the glorious view!

We are teaching lots of Bible studies. I'm planning a island women's retreat for October with the help of several ladies. Jim started his leader's training last week. Pray for our work!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Market

We made a 7:30 date with our landlady for the Saturday morning market in downtown St. Georges. Yall know that the town is set on a serious set of hills and I think we walked up and down most of them. I took 2 egg cartons by mistake and no bags to carry stuff away in--next time I'll know. I did get the 2 cartons filled up with eggs out of a car trunk for $6ec each so that was good. The market is really big and Charmeine knows the farmers who bring their fresh picked fruits and veggies to town so we met a lot of them. I bought lettuce, bananas, okra, pumpkin, onions, and tomatoes--we got there too late for avocados. We went by the fish market and wow! what a sight! You look at all the fish, tell a woman with a big machete what you want, she uses a big stick to hit the machete & cut through the bones, then scales it with the same machete. Stuff is flying everywhere!! I try not to stand with my mouth open in amazement, but I think my eyes are huge!! It was really a great experience--next time I'm going at 6--the avocados are big and worth it!!

Beach Party

Monday and Tuesday were carnival here in Grenada so everyone is off work. Beverly Lewis invited us to the beach party she was having for the kids from Old Westerhall. We ran by town and picked up the Ross boys then went to the BBC beach. Beverly had a giant pot of Oildown going--that's the national dish of Grenada. Lots of you have asked me about the food-here is what's in it. Breadfruit (sliced up), onion, garlic, peppers, chicken (legs and thighs), pork (Bev used pig tails), any meat left in fridge that you want to put in (some have salted ham), potatoes if you want, and callaloo (a green leafy vegetable-big leaves). You boil all of that with tumeric, salt, and pepper. The broth from meats thickens up and everything cooks. At the end you add homemade dumplings (flour and water mixed in firm ball, then rolled out into cigar shaped dumplings and dropped into pot). When all of that has cooked for about 30 minutes, you plate it up. I thought it was delicious and I wasn't sure at first!! We ate the whole thing! I wished for more callaloo! Maybe next time!

Good Chinese Food

Well, everyone! I have 1 more chinese eatery to go before I give up and start making my own. We ate at 1 that was close to the most beautiful bay so far-Lance aux 'Epines---it had a lighthouse and cliffs and crashing waves. Of course, I had to stand on the cliff like Jane Austen's Elizabeth and let the wind blow on me. (I really needed a long dress!) Anyway, the restaurant was open to the outside as most here are, it was just getting dark, so the mosquitoes quickly sent out word that there was fresh blood out! We had to wiggle around and slap until Jim went back to the car for our long sleeve movie shirts--I wrapped mine around my legs and feet , draped my napkin around my right arm and just let them feed off my left. Jim was huddled in his. Alas, it was not worth it--we've tried 3 chinese here and know where 1 more is, so next week we may try that one. I'm gathering chinese and thai fixings everytime I go to the grocery store though--think I'm going to be our best bet!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Free again!!

It finally happened! I got a walk-in hair appt. and Jim was too sick to take me. I got the keys and was on my way.
Thank you, God:
10:00 so after rushhour on our road-I didn't meet anyone coming or going on the little, tiny, narrow, holey,curvey, mango strewn road from our house.
Only 1 car behind me honking to go faster!
People standing on the road to cut vines down were taking a snack break so I didn't have to swerve over in on-coming traffic!
I didn't make eye contact with a single man-ask Sheila!

Next time I plan on the following:
Not hitting the windshield wipers everytime I want to signal turns(wrong side)
Tooting horn lots more-every curve, pass, hello!, get out of my way!
No leaving fingerprints in the steering wheel from grip!

People of Grenada!! Watch out! I'm free! (Jim just rolled his eyes!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Herding Geckos

Most of you know how I love most reptiles-especially geckos! Thank goodness because we have them all over the place! I talk to them and encourage them to eat more mosquitoes which we also have in abundance! A gecko got in our door the other day so I just left it in hopes that we'd have fewer bugs. Yesterday while I was talking to Stacey, here comes Jim, herding the gecko with his feet and a broom, trying to get it out the back door. (He's afraid it's thirsty-told him they get juice from bugs) (It may turn into a vampire gecko-eating blood thirsty mosquitoes that are living off us juicy people!) (Hmmm-that may be a children's story!!) Anyway, the gecko swerved off at the last minute-as geckos are prone to do, I guess--like cat herding, I'm sure! I know--it will be my pet gecko, I'll name it and it will fit my criteria for a perfect pet!!love yall!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting Everyone Off to the USA

Met the Hoover's at the airport at 6:30 and got the last of the goodies from them-2 washcloths and 2 hand towels! Yipee! Small joys!! We visited Steve with 2 diet cokes and a puzzle book--he looks a little better each day and is really looking forward to going home. I'm taking my plant nippers when we visit tonight--there are some great plants at the hospital. I'm going to go to a bookstore I discovered and look for plant/flower/fauna book. I've only met 1 person so far who knows the names of plants, and he's older than I am, so he's waiting for the name to come to him--I feel his pain! I'm getting some soil today so I can start rooting my cuttings.

I'm trying to figure out how to post new pictures--not much luck!