Monday, September 14, 2009

This and That

I DID NOT know that lizards and rats can jump! Although I don't mind knowing the former-we sit and watch them jump from rock to rock, I was shocked by the latter. A large rat ran into the road in front of our car, stopped, jumped up and turned around at the same time, and ran off.

We have 2 screech owls living in the jungle next to us--Jim loves to fool 'em by making squeaky mouse sounds so they are circling our porch--one swooped right over his head. He also has a pair of hawks who visit every evening--he tries to fool them also!

I drove to my friend's house the other day to get my computer fixed. When I left, all three friends came out to watch me start the car and drive away--I told Charmeine I was going to teach her to drive--she just laughed! She is going to go visiting with me on Wednesday--guess she trusts me at last!

My new favorite place to visit is the library. It's in an old building on the lagoon road (carnage) and I sit in the very large window overlooking the lagoon--small fishing boats come in, a guy blows on a conch shell to let people know they have fresh jackfish, and people come with sacks to cart off these little fish. The wind is usually whipping briskly so it's the coolest place to be. I'm reading Grenadian History in my window and thanking God for the glorious view!

We are teaching lots of Bible studies. I'm planning a island women's retreat for October with the help of several ladies. Jim started his leader's training last week. Pray for our work!


  1. Sounds so peaceful and truly heavenly, and what great work the two of you are doing for our Heavenly Father! May you continue to be blessed!

  2. You and Jim were placed on our hearts yesterday hope all is well with you and the work you all are doing. It has been many years and roads traveled yet such a small world.
    Richard and Ernestine